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Letter: War against opiates hurts patients with chronic pain

War against opiates hurts patients with chronic pain

“O” is the new scarlet letter. “O” is for opiates and once again, as with the enactment of the SAFE Act, which only affects legal owners of firearms and does nothing to keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals, this new war on opiates mostly affects the people who are being treated by their personal physician. Anyone who has dealt with chronic pain can vouch that it does exist. If you have dealt with sciatica, or bulging or herniated discs in the lumbar or cervical spine, you’d know it can be debilitating. If you’ve seen a cancer patient in the last stages, you might realize what excruciating pain is.

The first action that should have been taken by the government would be to ask the pharmaceutical companies: Can you produce a product that can relieve extreme and chronic pain without leading to addiction? But instead, without any real discussion, officials want everyone to be denied the medicine needed to ease their pain. Most people should not be painted with the letter “O.”

Henry Kolb