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Letter: Trump would certainly be better than Clinton

Trump would certainly be better than Clinton

A recent letter writer said if people vote for Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton wins, no problem; but if they vote for Clinton, and Trump wins, he can be vindictive. Does that writer not recall the body count of those associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton going back to their Arkansas days? Does “cognitive dissonance” not ring a bell?

Another writer likened a Trump presidency to “bringing your wife to an auto mechanic for a mastectomy.” That’s preposterous. The founders, when they established who can run for office, gave only three qualifications: The person must be a natural born U.S. citizen, must have attained a given age and must have lived in the country for a given amount of time. They never mentioned anything about “experience,” which most likely means they envisioned political office as an endeavor to be entered into by anyone and everyone.

In closing, I present this sage wisdom from the book of Daniel: God holds charge over human affairs, putting into positions of authority whoever he will – even the basest from among us.

Lloyd A. Marshall Jr.