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Letter: Trump is shaking up corrupt political world

Trump is shaking up corrupt political world

It has been written and said that Donald Trump has no political experience. True, that is part of his appeal. He tells us what he wants to do and pulls no punches. However, he seems to know how to get things done.

Look at our current president. What experience did he have? He was a political organizer, a part-time job. What does one do anyway? Then a U.S. senator, another part-time job. Are you kidding me?

Now look at Hillary Clinton. She lists her terms as U.S. senator from New York as a positive. Without a doubt they were the worst I can remember in my over 50 years in New York. Then her failed term as secretary of state. Are you kidding me?

Citizens, wake up! Look for a better, not worse, country. Use your brains and examine the facts. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We need a new direction not ruled by insiders. Let’s all get involved and shake up the corrupt political world. God save the United States with love for country.

John Dolhon

Vietnam veteran