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Letter: NFTA must increase security on its trains

NFTA must increase security on its trains

I feel the need to write this on behalf of myself and the regular riders on the Metro Rail who use public transportation to get to and from work each day.

On May 12, I witnessed a school-age male who was pounding on the window of the door outside the train to get the attention of a female rider inside the train. The window was shattered, the female rider thought it was funny and had herself a good laugh, while the other mature passengers had angry looks on their faces.

On May 13, there were about eight school-age riders yelling at each other for about 10 minutes. The unruly riders sat behind me and a co-worker who rides the train regularly. We knew that within minutes, it was going to turn into something more than just a shouting match. The language was deplorable and elderly passengers had a look of fear on their faces. As it turned out, somehow two female passengers who were with the group managed to push a few of the unruly riders off at one of the stops. I pressed the emergency button, and either it didn’t work, or I was ignored, which doesn’t surprise me. As one of the teens was getting off at her stop, she turned to me and my co-worker and apologized for the behavior.

I have made several attempts, as have other regular riders, to contact the chief of police of the NFTA via email. Although we get responses, we feel like the answers are just to keep us quiet. Why can’t NFTA police officers ride the trains, like they used to, during certain hours of the day? What is their job description?

I just hope someone doesn’t get seriously injured. Then, instead of being proactive, the NFTA will be reactive. The NFTA just doesn’t get it.

Theresa Calabrese