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Letter: Lancaster board handled change of mascot poorly

Lancaster board handled change of mascot poorly

As long as we’re doing “just a thought,” maybe The News editorial board could give just a thought to some other sports nicknames in this area, since it is so fixated on Lancaster.

In first place is Jamestown, which is pretty much surrounded by Native Americans. What’s its nickname? The Red Raiders. You can check the Jamestown varsity football Twitter feed and see a Native mascot similar to the one you keep riding Lancaster about.

In second place is a Catholic school, the St. Francis Red Raiders. At least it had enough thought to use San Francisco’s NFL logo “SF.”

In third place is the Clarence Red Devils. In a country that was founded on an individual’s religious rights, a drawing of a devil hardly seems like the American way!

I really don’t care what the nickname and logo in Lancaster are because I didn’t go there. But I don’t like the way it was changed – overnight by people who have no idea what it’s like to be on a team from a school you used to be proud of. It should have been put to a vote for the whole district to decide. The School Board at that time certainly didn’t want a vote. Well, now here we are still fighting for what’s right. Let the voters decide. Just a thought!

John Kaniecki