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Letter: Unprocessed foods are healthier choice

Unprocessed foods are healthier choice

Food is an emotional issue, and Henry J. Miller, the biotech expert recently featured in Viewpoints, misses this point. Given his training and presumed vested interests, he believes GMO labeling is much ado about nothing. Though he claims to be concerned with quality and safety, he dismisses activists as cranks.

When most Americans discover that far too many food ingredients nowadays consist of disparate species that are spliced together, or have had genes that are nuked or shot up with pesticide, they will opt for what’s best for their families, even if convenience is sacrificed.

We have no definitive clue what havoc GMO companies are wreaking on consumers because only industry pays for studies and they are funded for far too brief a period. Meanwhile, autism, cancer, obesity and digestive ailments are skyrocketing. The genie is out of the bottle, but we can still demand pure food, preferably locally or home grown. When we grow organically we preserve the soil and sink extra carbon into it.

Many who endorse genetic engineering of foods claim they can better feed the hungry this way, but this only serves the moneyed interests behind this corporate con, which disempowers and sickens consumers. GMO food is passed off by Big Agra and policymakers as substantially equivalent.

The gut knows what it needs to be healthy. Simpler unprocessed food that has a healthy lineage and can rot has life and is worth consuming. It’s really a no-brainer, and it appeals to another deeper part of the human experience besides scientific intelligence, and the interests of careerism and lobbies.

It has to do with moral authority. This is why people march against Monsanto.

Richard L. Peters