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Letter: NFTA should expand bus service to suburbs

NFTA should expand bus service to suburbs

I have been a bus rider since three years ago, when I was no longer able to afford to keep a car on the road. I live in Williamsville somewhat near a bus line (Main Street). However, there is haphazard bus service on Sheridan Drive and Maple Road. (The current bus routes crisscross and are confusing.) I have been told that this is due to lack of demand.

I find this hard to believe and have to believe that when the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority made that decision, it did not give riders the opportunities to work it into their schedules. For if people knew there was a reliable service on these very busy northern suburban streets, there would be more and more riders the longer it was in service.

I also would mention that I have never seen a bus on Transit Road. Why is that? Lack of demand? I not only want bus service in Amherst, I want bus shelters and alike, as in the city. As I understand it, the NFTA loses money every year. Well, let’s lose some money on the suburban bus lines. Give us our fair share.

Charles O’Connor