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Letter: Increasing bike lanes has multiple benefits

Increasing bike lanes has multiple benefits

As our city continues to progress after having recently been named the top place to visit, there always is a critic to rain on our parade. Rod Watson recently wrote a negative column regarding the bicycling community, and hopefully it won’t do any damage.

The plan for bicycle lanes is a work in progress and more lanes are appearing all the time. When residents feel safe in the lanes and the job is complete, the number of bicyclists commuting to work will increase dramatically.

Having one of the highest obesity rates in the country, it’s important that we embrace this form of exercise, as well as for the cheap cost and the reduction of fossil fuel to the environment.

The number of bicyclists appearing at Slow Roll as well as the number witnessed on the waterfront show that this form of transportation is used by many more than the 1 percent. I wish Watson would think before he decides to bring down our up-and-coming city.

Marty Farrell

West Seneca