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Letter: Congress just might be choosing next president

Congress just might be choosing next president

As rumors of a third-party candidate for president continue to swirl, it reminds one that this could be the first time since 1824 that the U.S. Congress elects the president. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are exasperatingly unpopular, and carry much baggage from their past into a presidential campaign.

As of this writing, Clinton has yet to seize the Democratic nomination from 74-year-old socialist Bernie Sanders. Trump continues to be shunned by the leaders of his own party. A major third party candidate, such as Mitt Romney, would further split the vote among the two unpopular candidates to where no one has the required 270 electoral votes. The election would then fall into the hands of the Republican Congress. Under that scenario, don’t be surprised to see Romney or Paul Ryan as president.

Robert G. Peterson