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You Should Be Watching: ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’

Title: “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”

Year it began: 2012

Are they making new episodes?: Possibly, plus a movie is in the works.

Where it can be seen: Streaming on Netflix and Acorn Media. PBS has started airing it.

Who’s in it: Essie Davis, Nathan Page

Typical episode length: 53 minutes

Number of episodes to date: 3 seasons/32 episodes

Brief plot description: An enchanting heiress solves murders in 1920s Melbourne.

Why it’s worth watching: Somewhere between amateur sleuths Nancy Drew and Jessica Fletcher is Phryne Fisher (pronounced Pry-nee), a woman of impeccable taste with a nose for murder. With her trademark bob, bright red lipstick and outstanding fashion sense, she’s hard to miss – and resist. This female James Bond knows how to defend herself (note the gold, pearl-handled gun in the garter) and she’s skilled in the art of seduction. (Single by choice, her true affection is for the long-suffering Detective Inspector Jack Robinson). The mysteries are interesting, Davis is loads of fun as Phryne and the 1920s costumes are so stunningly impeccable they are the focus of a new exhibit in Australia.