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Letter: Xanax is another drug that deserves scrutiny

Xanax is another drug that deserves scrutiny

I am glad to see The News coverage about OxyContin, and I hope these articles will help stop the widespread usage of this destructive drug. I wish attention was also being given to the perils of using Xanax.

Over 50 million prescriptions were written for Xanax last year. It is as dangerous and as easy to get hooked on as OxyContin. There are physicians who prescribe Xanax for everything from dealing with abuse to grief to fibromyalgia to a sore knee. Over time, a patient needs to take more and more for it to work.

And, just like OxyContin, Xanax changes your brain chemistry so withdrawing from it is very difficult both physically and emotionally. I hope the public becomes more aware of the harm it does, and I hope measures are taken so that doctors are no longer allowed to overprescribe it.

Gail Golden


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