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Letter: Obama’s promise of change is destroying great country

Obama’s promise of change is destroying great country

Well, he failed to deliver on “hope” but his promise of “change” is over the top. We the people need to remember that President Obama, in denying that he is a tyrant, explained that America is a democracy. Well, it was a democracy, a republic from the founding of our great nation until the age of Obama. His recent decree, including threats regarding transgender bathroom use, is diametrically opposed to his earlier acknowledgement that this nation is a democracy.

But my concerns are more basic and deeper than his failure to support the Constitution. He has the audacity, the incivility and misguided use of authority to challenge the natural order of things and to impose his contradictory fiat on we the people. Who does that? What reasonable person assumes that which is beyond human authority? Let me answer my own question. A petulant, insistent tyrant.

There are only two categories of the human species. You are born male or female; you cannot be both. Throughout history, men and women have subscribed to this wonderful reality and for the most part lived accordingly, each person, male and female, respecting the rights and privileges of the opposite sex. Remember it was the concept of a woman’s right to privacy that sadly tipped the scales in the Supreme Court’s decision to rule in favor of abortion. If the right to privacy is so sacred, why should any of us be subject to an invasion of ours in the midst of a very private act?

Nicholas D. Mecca


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