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Letter: Council was right to deny landmark status to 4 sites

Council was right to deny landmark status to 4 sites

First, congratulations to the Common Council and President Darius Pridgen for refusing to give historical designation to several properties. I am tired of the preservationists wanting to save everything.

Second, the current Buffalo police headquarters on Franklin Street has a terrible parking problem; parking along that block is reserved for police vehicles only and they usually double park. I have tried several times to park near the cathedral to visit for a short time and can do it only if I have a driver in the car. While police need new, improved space, why move to a location that would have even less parking and more auto traffic? Parking needs to be addressed before buying any building.

Third, how much money will Mayor Byron Brown spend to increase the number of bike lanes? Presently 1.6 percent of commuters use the lanes. If this proceeds, it looks like the taxpayers and the majority lose again and the minority wins.

Finally, good for lawmakers who rejected Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz’s plan to ban plastic bags. Why do we need to spend $75,000 on a study on his pet project? We definitely should continue to discourage use of plastic bags. But the plan would be a financial burden on many small businesses and less fortunate individuals. Most people reuse plastic bags for other purposes. I use cloth bags for groceries but on occasion get plastic bags, which then are recycled or used as garbage bags.

Barbara J. Campagna


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