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Power Take: Three simple rules for following the Bills

Here are three simple rules for people who keep an eye on the Bills, whether they're covering them (in my case), cheering for them (in your case) or laughing at them (in most cases).

Rule No. 1: Stop listening to them. What they say means nothing and often isn't the truth, so it would be wise to disregard whatever comes from their mouths. It's not just ignoring Rex Ryan, which is a given. It's muting anyone in the front office who claims better days are ahead before providing evidence.

Rule No. 2: Watch what they do. After the coach says they'll have one of the best defenses in the league, or the very best, wait to see how they play. Rex proved what an elite defense looked like last season. It looked like the defense that played in Buffalo the year before he was hired.

Rule No. 3. Expect the worst. Does this really need to be said in Buffalo? If something can go wrong, it usually does. I'm expecting the Bills to win five games next season before they start firing people. Next year, their hopeful and forgiving fan base will be back to breaking the first two rules.