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Letter: Show some consideration for folks traveling by bike

Show some consideration for folks traveling by bike

I must take issue with Rod Watson’s recent column on bike lanes in Buffalo. While I usually enjoy and agree with Watson’s opinion column, I feel that he missed the mark with this one.

An increasing number of our fellow citizens are discovering the advantages and benefits of travel by bicycle. These include economy, health improvement and time saving, just to name a few. Let’s not even get into the benefits toward climate change of using a zero-emission vehicle.

While I fully understand the advantages of travel by automobile – convenience topping the list – let’s not endanger the safety of folks who choose alternative methods of travel, such as biking or walking, merely because motorists might be slightly inconvenienced or delayed by their choice.

Indeed, I’m sure that the percentage of people who walk to work is relatively small, too, at least in comparison with those who drive, and I don’t see anyone calling for sidewalk removal to allow widening roads to move autos along more quickly.

There is room for all of us – bikers, drivers, walkers. A bit of common sense and a large dose of common courtesy will go a long way toward making that a much smoother journey.

James J. Lynch