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Letter: Forget costly study; just ban plastic bags

Forget costly study; just ban plastic bags

There is a simple solution for the plastic shopping bag dilemma. We do not have to spend $75,000 on a study to reach a conclusion on the issue of banning the bags. The Erie County Legislature should just apply some common sense (which isn’t very common anymore) and follow the logical conclusions reached by more than 100 U.S. communities to ban them. Do not wait until next year to once again bring it up; ban them now.

Let’s hope Erie County can be a leader on this issue. Any sound reasoning recognizes the fact that the ban will eventually be nationwide.

Financial hardship for retailers? Hardly. They will save money by not having to purchase bags, and consumers will continue to purchase what they want. Food contamination from reusable bags? Really?

No doubt there are many thousands of people who line trash cans with plastic bags, but bags will not disappear from the face of the earth, just from use by retailers.

Jack Hailand

City of Tonawanda