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Letter: Chestnut Ridge rangers are always friendly to me

Chestnut Ridge rangers are always friendly to me

Would someone please tell me where the second Chestnut Ridge Park is? That was my only thought after reading the disparaging letter about the rangers and guests in the May 10 newspaper.

I have a little 12-pound paraplegic shih tzu and we often go walking at Chestnut Ridge Park – her in her tiny wheelchair and I on my arthritic old knees. Every time rangers go past us, at worst they smile and wave, at best they stop and see if we are doing OK. They have even given us a card with the phone number for the ranger station in case we need help with anything, but explained that we should call 911 if there was an emergency. In my experience, you couldn’t ask for kinder and more compassionate people.

Please allow me to add that 99 percent of the people walking, running, biking and driving are kind and considerate of each other and do their best to share the road with everyone else.

Jeanette Andrews