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City Hallways (May 18) She's Ali, but he's not Ryan


How Ali MacGraw ended up in Buffalo Council  Chambers

Councilman Dave Franczyk says he quickly recognized the visitor in the City Hall lobby Monday.

She walked toward the information booth, then asked how to get to the observation deck.

Franczyk happened to be walking by, heard the conversation and suggested she also stop on the 13th floor, to visit the Common Council chambers.

And that’s what Ali MacGraw did.

But when she got there, the doors were locked.

So the actress pulled out the business card Franczyk had given  her  and called him for help.

Franczyk left his 14th floor office, came down to the  13th floor, got a key from  the Clerk's Office, and showed MacGraw what's considered the  most beautiful room  in City Hall.


Franczyk suggested they take a picture.  MacGraw sat in the Council President's  chair. Franczyk stood behind her.  A  Council staffer took the photo.

The star  - currently performing with Love Story co-star Ryan O'Neal in Love Letters at 710 Main Theatre - has been visiting Buffalo sites in the mornings, including the Darwin Martin House, Albright Knox Art Gallery and City Hall, Franczyk said.

She’s been very impressed with Buffalo,  Franczyk said.

And the councilman seemed very impressed with MacGraw.

“She's very unassuming,” Franczyk said Tuesday. “Very down-to-earth.”

Uber update
Big rally planned for Thursday at Kleinhans Music Hall to support bringing ride-booking services like Uber and  Lyft to Buffalo. Mayor Brown and Common Council members are scheduled to participate, along with Erie County legislators and the Western New York state legislative delegation.

Brown Tuesday repeated  his support for ride-booking, which he says will increase transportation options for people without hurting the traditional taxi cab industry. Competition is a good thing, the mayor said.

Ride-booking services are operating  in New York  City, but the state Legislature has yet to allow them to operate upstate.

Today's Calendar Items
Buffalo Control Board meets this afternoon. The board will be reviewing third-quarter 2015-2016 reports and  2016-17 budgets for the city, school board, housing authority and city Urban Renewal Agency.

Presidential Primary Calendar
With Tuesday's split decision (Big win for Bernie in Oregon; squeaker win for  Hillary in Kentucky),  the next big Democratic  primaries are June 7 , with California and New Jersey the  key races.

In today's Buffalo News and, I have story on the upcoming police exam, which drops the college credit requirement for applicants.

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