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Watson is shortsighted on plan to add bike lanes

It’s the same old story of what came first – the chicken or the egg. This time it’s the bike riders or the bike lanes. Rod Watson’s column about bike lanes on Buffalo’s streets is very shortsighted. Of course only 1.6 percent of commuters use bikes now. Until car drivers learn to share the road, riding a bike to work will continue to be risky business. I commend the mayor and Gobike Buffalo for a plan to quadruple the number of miles of streets with bike lanes.

Watson also seems to downplay the use of bike lanes by recreational riders and errand runners. This is a disservice to the many residents who wish to use our streets to ride our bikes for any reason, including the health benefits we garner. Watson claims he is all for minority rights, yet berates the bike riding minority as we work hard to increase our ranks as well as the streets we can safely use.

Robert Drajem