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Letter: Rangers are correct to enforce park rules

Rangers are correct to enforce park rules

I wish to send kudos to both the Chestnut Ridge Park rangers and the Erie County Parks administration for some much-needed maintenance work and park monitoring. Last year, I wrote to complain of the condition of the park. While there is still much work to be done, the progress made so far over the spring finally has it starting to look the way it did years ago. Keep up the great progress.

Regarding the rangers and the recent letter about special consideration being given to certain dog walkers, the rangers are there to enforce all rules for all people. If everyone who walks a dog there has the opinion, “oh, it’s only us and we’ve done it for years so we should be allowed to let our dogs run free,” then the park will in effect go to the dogs. The park is for everyone, and the rules should be and need to be enforced. And one thing I have noticed this spring during my walks is that some dog lovers are allowing their dog waste to pile up right in plain view on the roads. Shame on them.

Bill McCarthy

Orchard Park