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Letter: County shouldn’t waste $75,000 on study of bags

County shouldn’t waste $75,000 on study of bags

I am of the opinion that County Executive Mark Poloncarz is exhibiting poor fiscal leadership in wanting to spend $75,000 for an impact study on plastic bags. With the number of colleges and universities in the area and throughout the state, he should consider exploring the possibility of a graduate student undertaking the study. Graduate students often welcome ideas to fulfill their writing of a thesis.

Poloncarz can provide the student with some help by providing some financial aid from the $10,000 he can spend on such a study without the approval of legislators. I would think that a student would start the study by contacting the 100 communities that have already banned the use of plastic bags. I applaud the Erie County legislators for rejecting his request. There are more important issues that must be addressed.

Rudy Gonzales