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City Hallways (May 17) How the $150,000 will be spent

Voting results
Here's something I've been meaning to check back on for awhile now. The Participatory Budgeting election. We wrote about it when it happened in March,  but never reported on the election results.

So to the question: How do Masten residents  want to spend $150,000 in public money?  Based on some 300 votes cast, the answer was:  a new bus shelter, signs for Dewey Park, garbage cages, lighting near Martin Luther King, a farmers market, computer classes and upgrades for a community kitchen where healthy eating classes will be taught.

On  a related note, Participatory Budgeting - when residents directly decide how some public money will be spent - didn't make  it into the city's 2016-2017 budget plan.

Last year,  then-Delaware District Councilman Mike LoCurto pushed the cause in City Hall after the Clean Air Coalition of WNY pushed  the cause to the mayor and  council. The Masten District was selected for the pilot project.

But everyone  wasn't happy with the  way things went. Masten Councilman Ulysees Wingo,  in particular, complained that many of the people organizing the Masten District project weren't from the Masten District.

So given  that, and with LoCurto no  longer on the Council,  there was no big push to allocate citywide funds for Participatory Budgeting in the upcoming fiscal year.

Instead, Niagara Councilman Dave Rivera said he might use some of his district funds to create a smaller Participatory Budgeting project in his district.

Talking Football
I know it's baseball season, but since it feels like football weather, I figured it was good time for youth football.

At one point recently the Common Council was talking about requiring youth football teams to hire their own security, but that plan was dropped out of concern that it would be a financial drain on some teams.

So nothing will be changing there. If there's trouble at a game, police will be called as they typically have been.

But coaches will have to undergo criminal background checks.  As City Hallways reported before, there's no strict policy - beyond the obvious - on what would be an automatic exclusion.

Also, all teams now have to have an official Codes of Conduct.

Neighborhood News
The Place on Lexington,  225 Lexington Ave., is requesting a city permit for a sidewalk cafe.

Mixed-use building at 415 Franklin St. is requesting a city permit for ground sign.

Used-car dealer license requests for 982 Broadway and 2405 Bailey Ave.

Election News
Democratic presidential primaries today in Kentucky and Oregon.

Suburban School Board and school budget votes today.

Today's Calendar Items
Common Council committee meetings,  Civil Service and Finance in morning, followed  by Community Development and Legislation in afternoon.

Special Common Council meeting later this afternoon to vote  on  Mayor Brown's 2016-17 proposed budget.

Brown having noon press conference to talk about results of  the city's recruitment campaign for the June test.

In today's Buffalo News and, here's story by my colleague Jonathan Epstein on Monday's Planning Board meeting.

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