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Letter: Voters are sick and tired of political gamesmanship

Voters are sick and tired of political gamesmanship

The election campaigns of present times reflect the sensationalism of today’s media coverage. Everything we Americans do is promoted at high-impact emotionality. Think of it. In commercialism, the ads we read and hear make us think the next products we are going to buy will cost next to nothing, until we read the small print. There’s so much ado about medicines, health treatments and preventions we are all thinking we just might live to be 120. The closer we get, nothing is as it seemed when we first started paying attention to it. It just seems we are all getting tired of being coaxed into accepting the final outcome.

It’s no wonder the Republican Party is failing to endorse Donald Trump, who incidentally is favored by most Republican voters. It’s virtually the same unsettlement for Hillary Clinton, who just can’t get rid of Bernie Sanders. We Americans feed on hysteria to the point of neurotic reality where nothing is decided upon until it’s hashed and rehashed seemingly a million times.

The Republican and Democratic parties need to align themselves behind a candidate quickly or the citizens of America may begin thinking we do not really need political parties, where many voters of the past voted on party lines to the point of political party dominance. Americans are getting smarter and more able to decide what candidate would be the best choice for the character strength that is much needed to run a greater country.

Russell D. Ward