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Letter: Unions help keep middle class afloat

Unions help keep middle class afloat

So, a May 11 letter writer feels that a prayer vigil for the Verizon strikers was “ridiculous.” First of all, the pope and those before him spoke about the need to support unions, and about the role unions play in bettering the lot of workers around the world.

The vigil was not just for the Verizon strikers, it was and should be for the salvation of the middle class in America. Yes, the people on the picket line have good jobs, but that is a result of collective bargaining over many years. They have the right to bargain because they belong to a union. If Verizon had its way, none of its employees would be allowed to unionize. Then Verizon could simply dictate what workers were or were not entitled to.

So, yes, say a prayer for the strikers, because the good job you save may be your own.

Michael J. Rusinek