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Letter: Nation’s elected officials must limit spending now

Nation’s elected officials must limit spending now

Washington has too much power and a majority of Americans perceive that government overreach is an obstacle to growth, security and higher incomes for the middle class.

Every government department needs to be analyzed as to whether it can be downsized and hundreds of “independent agencies” need to be disbanded. The current Washington scene is entrenched and works for the insiders who are accumulating wealth for themselves. Many politicians and former government officials make large fortunes. The D.C. area has the largest per capita income in the country.

Our federal government does not have a working budget process or limits on spending and taxation. Power in Washington is ripe for corruption and inequality.

Lobbyists have too much influence controlling the procurement process. The recent Panama Papers shows the extent of government corruption worldwide.

The anger of the voters is showing itself by the huge turnout in the primaries of both parties. There is a sense that government is out of control.

Soon our national debt will reach a serious $20 trillion and will continue growing. We need a definite restraint on spending, debt and government power or the bubble will burst.

John Orlowski