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Letter: It would be great to replace old eyesore with apartments

It would be great to replace old eyesore with apartments

Why are our local preservationists so determined to save the vermin-infested Freezer Queen building? This building has been nothing but an eyesore on our waterfront for too many years. Why not replace it with something we all can be proud of and give our Outer Harbor some pizzazz? I am sure many preservationists would love to live there.

These same people dropped the ball when all the hubbub was going on over a downtown casino. They really missed the boat by not stepping up to suggest the Central Terminal building as a possible site.

Can you imagine the terminal’s main concourse filled with hundreds of patrons playing on slot machines or at the card tables? After their play, they could retire to a luxury suite in the renovated terminal tower.

There still would be plenty of room for a first-class convention center, and all this with a railroad at the front door.

To me, these projects would have been a no-brainer for our “backward” looking preservationists. But then again, maybe that’s the problem.

James Weig