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Letter: How much leeway should we give on gender issues?

How much leeway should we give on gender issues?

I’m rethinking my stance on the LGBT bathroom issue, although I’ll still probably be berated in this column.

I was with the mindset that whatever a person’s birth gender is, that is what bathroom he or she should use. But now I’m thinking that if a guy thinks he’s a female, and dresses as such, I don’t want him standing next to me. And if a female thinks she’s a guy, she’ll come in, use the stall, wash her hands and leave.

Obviously no one is standing around taking cellphone pictures. In my 57 years, the bathroom has never been an erotic place, and in fact is a place of modesty. I’ve never seen anyone expose himself inappropriately. And if he had, it would be very negatively frowned upon. I’m sure the same is true with the ladies’ room. So I’m confident the transgender community has no motive other than using the facilities.

But what does the liberal “majority” say about showers and locker rooms? That seems ripe for abuse. What’s to stop a hormonal teenager from declaring himself a female and insisting on taking gym classes with the girls? Or a true pervert hanging out at the gym?

Aside from the bathroom issue, I took exception to an interview I saw with a female turned male. He said he still had female parts and didn’t rule out having a baby. Sorry. It can’t go both ways.

Jeff Miller