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Letter: Buffalo firefighters doing an excellent job

Buffalo firefighters doing an excellent job

The recent fire on the East Side, where four firefighters from Ladder 14 rushed into a burning structure with no fire hose to search and rescue, was very heroic. These firefighters are not the exception; they are the norm. As they advanced to the second floor to search for inhabitants, they were met by dense smoke and intense heat that was only minutes from flashing over.

These are the type of situations that firefighters train for on a daily basis. When you see fire engines and trucks driving around city neighborhoods waving to children, that’s part of the job. Because usually they’re on their way to inspecting businesses or walking through abandoned houses. They train what to do if the smoke is 18 inches above the floor and you can’t see anything and the heat is hot enough to melt your breathing apparatus.

These brave men and women of the Buffalo Fire Department live for these very situations. Whether it’s a beautiful, well-kept home or a run-down building, these highly trained and brave firefighters are usually on location within three minutes. And once on location, they have no preconceived thoughts on who may be inside. This is when all that training pays off. It enables them to save lives in the city and still go home and hug and kiss their families. To all of Buffalo’s bravest, job well done and stay safe.

Phil Ryan

Retired Buffalo fire lieutenant

West Seneca