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City Hallways (May 16) More to the story


More to the story
Everyone in the Fruit Belt isn't happy with the agreement the city reached with the CSEA over a Fruit Belt permit parking plan.

"...what sense does it make to have 500 parking permits, 250 for residents and 250 for employees? Most of the residents and their visitors, not to mention church members, and store patrons will be left out of the equation," Fruit Belt community activist Veronica Hemphill-Nichols wrote in an email blast after the parking deal was announced last week.

"We are painfully aware that unions are not our friends nor do they care about the impact they have on a predominantly black neighborhood," she wrote. "These are suburbanites who view us as insignificant. They have the power and money to move our elected officials in any direction they want.  All we have is a desire to live comfortably in our neighborhood."

As Hemphill-Nichols mentioned, city officials estimate there are about 500 parking spots in the Fruit Belt parking permit area being discussed - about 25 to 30 per block. The plan worked out between the city and CSEA calls for half the spots to be reserved for residents, and the rest available to the general public, which includes residents as well as employees of the Medical Campus.

And more to this one, too
A ruling is expected any day now from the hearing officer deciding whether or not suspended BMHA commissioner Joe Mascia should keep his seat on the housing authority board. Meanwhile, Mascia remains active in the BMHA community.  In fact, I'm hearing he and his attorney recently filed several complaints with state and federal investigators, some over BMHA operations and others over the legality of the tape that was secretly recorded, catching Mascia making a string of racist comments that led to his current suspension and possible ouster.

Today's Calendar Items
Planning Board meets this afternoon.

Political Calendar
School board elections tomorrow.
Presidential primaries in Kentucky and Oregon tomorrow.

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