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Trump’s popularity is a sad commentary

Londoners have elected Sadiq Kahn, a Muslim, as their next mayor. This means that if Donald Trump is elected president and follows through on his campaign pledge, the mayor of London will be banned from entering the United States because of his religion.

Trump recently cited the National Enquirer in support of his preposterous claim that Ted Cruz’s father may have conspired with Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate John F. Kennedy. He no doubt is the first presidential candidate ever to rely on this scandal rag, which is notorious for publishing outright lies about public figures. Cruz responded by accurately labeling Trump as a “pathological liar,” and the fact-checker PolitiFact gave Trump’s accusation its worst rating, “pants on fire.”

This is the presumed Republican nominee for president of the United States. I for one am sick and tired of commentators saying that Trump has tapped into a vein of alienation and anger in American voters. The only vein that he has tapped into is bigotry, misogyny and abject stupidity.

Joe Gerken