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Letter: Trump can’t be trusted to tell voters the truth

Trump can’t be trusted to tell voters the truth

Donald Trump is a pathological liar according to former New York Post reporter Susan Mulcahy, who started covering him in the 1980s. She told Politico that Trump could not control his lying and that it was almost impossible to fact check his statements because he told outrageous lies all the time.

Famed reporter Carl Bernstein blames the media for failing to tell the truth about Trump and all the candidates. He said, “We have a new dynamic in this campaign … and the driving dynamic is two candidates who are distrusted, disliked and even despised by a majority of the American people, according to almost every poll.”

Bernstein called the failure of the media to cover the candidates’ lives “an egregious failure.” He added, “We need to know who these candidates are, what the reality of their lives – look, we’ve heard about ‘Lyin’ Ted.’ What about ‘Lyin’ Donald?’ He is spouting untruths, one after another.”

Trump has said that Japan and South Korea should build their own nuclear arsenals to defend themselves, that he wouldn’t rule out using nuclear weapons in Europe and that the United States should consider withdrawing from NATO. Last month he said that taxes on the rich would go down, but today he said they would likely go up.

Is Trump telling the truth or lying? No one knows, and that’s unacceptable in any presidential candidate.

But there’s at least one candidate who is telling the truth: the senator from Vermont, the one who drives an old Chevy, the one who can’t be bought. He’s proposing a new New Deal.

Bob Catalano