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Letter: Treatment for addicts raises health costs for all

Treatment for addicts raises health costs for all

Regarding the May 9 front-page story about insurers balking at addiction costs, I have empathy for the people who are addicted and their families, but not sympathy. These people must know going in that these strong medications could be addicting.

The families of the addicted say they are frustrated and angry because the health insurance companies don’t continue paying for the treatment costs that are incurred, yet families of the addicted admit that their children have been inpatients multiple times, evidently with failing results.

To pay over $500 a month for Suboxone instead of fixing the problem is doing nothing but raising the cost of health care for every American. Yes, I’m sure there are people who really need the help and deserve it. But maybe if these parents paid more attention to their children, they wouldn’t be in this position.

Robert Seely