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Letter: Majority of patients use pain meds responsibly

Majority of patients use pain meds responsibly

The arrest of Dr. Eugene Gosy and the examination of his practice has brought up new considerations in opiate addiction. While it is absolutely necessary, this problem is in need of correction, especially for those individuals in and approaching the vital years of building, contributing and production to life, family and society.

But there is another group of people who are no longer in this phase of life. They have given their all, and may now be retired and just trying to get through each day in manageable discomfort. We are living longer and many times this takes its toll on our bodies in disease, accidents and overuse. Their reasons for taking opiates, I believe, are very legitimate.

I know this, having spent over 40 years as a registered nurse. For the most part these people, while probably addicted, are responsible, follow all the rules and hurt no one. They are just looking for a less painful existence. Why are we pulling the rug out from underneath them? This behavior is wrong. Everyone should not be thrown into the same pot. The next thing we will be facing is a ballooning increase in elderly suicides! Don’t judge until you have walked in their shoes.

Mary Sand

West Seneca