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Letter: It’s time to hold parents and students accountable

It’s time to hold parents and students accountable

I disagree with Mayor Byron Brown wanting to give parents monetary rewards for sending their children to school.

When a parent brings a child into the world, the life of a parent is put on hold for at least 18 years. From the moment of birth, the child precedes anything in the parent’s personal life. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide proper nurturing for the child. This includes proper nutrition, reasonable and fair discipline and modeling the appropriate behavior for the child to emulate. The parent begins teaching the child necessary life skills as well as basic skills to enter school. The child’s formal education, with parental input and support, will hopefully sustain the child in life so that he does not become a burden on society.

Parents must understand this responsibility and not look to society for any gainful monetary award. That will come to the child at the appropriate time when the child has acquired the necessary skills through hard work. The parent will be rewarded when the child completes the formal education and can fend for himself. Doesn’t school attendance teach the child job responsibility? That is the job of the child in his formative years.

Robert G. Lewandowski