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Letters (May 15)

Did the scouts really do their job with EJ?

I couldn’t have been the only Buffalo Bills fan surprised by Tyler Dunne’s reporting recently that Bills sources have been surprised that EJ Manuel does not have a strong arm and that he has an irregular throwing motion.

I realize that the scouting of draft prospects is largely subjective but I would think that the scouting staff would have attended many of E.J.’s games and observed up close and personal how much zip he had on his passes and how smooth his throwing motion was.

After all, he was on the Bills’ board as a potential No. 1 pick. 2013 is not that long ago so I wonder if those same scouts that so badly mis-evaluated E.J. are still being relied on by the Bills in 2016.

Lou Speranza


Best way to forget O.J.? Remove him from Wall

Have to agree with Tim Graham’s commentary regarding the Bills using number 32 in the future. Not only should this number be used again but Simpson should be removed from the Wall of Fame at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

This man has given our area a black eye for too long and the sooner we forget about him the better.

Martin Farrell

West Seneca

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