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Power Take: Patriots are guilty, guilty, guilty

I know you’re probably tired of hearing and reading about “Deflategate.”

Bear with me while I make one point in the interest of proper perspective. The court battle between Tom Brady and the NFL, which Brady lost, was all about the authority of the NFL commissioner to hand down a four-game suspension.

Overshadowed was the simple fact: The guy in charge of the Patriots balls called himself the “deflator,” and the evidence showed the Patriots were engaging in under-handed actions to deflate the footballs. You expect us to believe Pats employee Jim McNally wasn’t up to no good? I’ll never buy it. According to the spin-doctoring of the Patriots’ lawyers, McNally called himself the deflator because of his effort to lose weight. Please. The NFL investigation had flaws, for sure. And the NFL may not have won in a court of law. But it didn’t have to. If you read all the text messages in the Wells Report and consider all the Brady calls with his ball boys when the news broke, you have to conclude there’s enough evidence to justify the NFL’s suspension.

The Patriots got what they deserved. Bring on Jimmy Garoppolo.