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Letter: When the time comes, Ryan will back Trump

When the time comes, Ryan will back Trump

So, Paul Ryan is “not ready” to support the Republican presidential nominee. And Trump is not supporting Ryan. They sound like a couple of school playground girls arguing about who is prettier. And these two want to be the leaders of the free world?

But not to worry. They will kiss and make up in the months ahead and you’ll see them holding hands high overhead, smiling to their adoring fans amidst glitter and balloons. Then they (and their media grunts) will turn ugly and aim hatred, lies, distortion and vitriol at the Democratic nominee. Not honest disagreement with values and belief in the best way to manage America. Hatred that will make the vile ugliness aimed at President Obama look like soft-serve ice cream. And I think it will go on for years and years. God help us all.

George McNally