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Letter: Refusing to vote in election is a slap in face to veterans

Refusing to vote in election is a slap in face to veterans

I just received some pictures of my grandson, who is a Marine, in Japan. For some reason, I thought of my father, who was in the Navy in World War II. He served on an LST (landing ship, tank) and was involved in all of the Japanese sea battles that earned him 13 campaign ribbons and seven battle stars.

When actual war footage came on the television, he would turn away and his eyes would fill with tears. He said to me that American blood was shed and drenched foreign soil so that you can exercise your right as a free man to vote. “Not to vote is to spit on their graves.” He was adamant when he said, “I don’t care who you vote for, just vote.” From that moment on at election time, I hear his words and I vote.

When I hear our ex-presidents or members of a candidate’s respective party, or any person for that matter, say that they are not going to vote, I think of my father’s words and sentiments.

I just hope and pray that my grandson’s service and thousands of young American GIs’ service isn’t thought of with such disregard.

James Lyons