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Letter: Balance no longer exists between political parties

Balance no longer exists between political parties

When I was growing up, the child of working-class, immigrant parents, I looked upon the Republican Party in awe, as the home of well-educated, cultured men and women who cared for the poor and those of lesser means. I learned the term “noblesse oblige” and knew that it applied to many of them who reached down and tried to make the lives of the poor better. They felt an obligation because of their good fortune to help those less fortunate than themselves.

As I grew older and shed some of my naiveté, I learned that some of their business practices were far from noble. In spite of that, much good was done. Many years have passed and I look upon a GOP that does not, in the slightest, resemble the party I once respected. The extremists in our society have usurped the party’s reins and they exhibit an irrational hatred of the poor and much that passes for social conscience. The worst part of it is that the base of followers has become irrational and outdoes its leaders in hatred. The tail is wagging the proverbial dog. How sad.

Government is best served when there is a reasonable balance between the conservative and the progressive approach. It no longer exists. Before President Obama took office, a cabal of ultra-conservative leaders gathered and pledged that they would do all in their power to make it a one-term presidency. There is no one who can convince me that bigotry and racial hatred is not hard at work.

No man is perfect, but history will show that we have been blessed by this outstanding president whose great intelligence, humility, dedication and commitment to the highest ideals of the task will mark him as one of the great ones. He has accomplished so much in spite of the consistent obstructionism of a “do-nothing” Congress. I pray we can only do as well in the near future.

Joseph Spina