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Letter: Israel should accept some Syrian refugees

Israel should accept some Syrian refugees

The terrible plight of Syrian refugees fleeing persecution, executions and ravages of war, attempting to find safety anywhere they can, is one of the key human tragedies of our era. Most European countries – not just Italy and Greece – have taken in untold thousands of these desperate people. Even adjacent Jordan and Lebanon have absorbed vast numbers.

What I find odd is that there is no mention in the news of Israel (also adjacent to Syria) accepting any refugees. After all, virtually all Israelis are (or their ancestors were) themselves refugees from persecution, execution and war. I can certainly understand why Israel might not want any Muslims to be let in – some politicians even in America want to ban all Muslims from entering our country – but we must not forget that Syria has, or at least had before the war, a million Christians among its citizens. They are members of Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical denominations. Surely Christian Syrians (with proper screening of course) could be given refuge, even settlement, in what is, after all, their Holy Land, too.

Daniel Reiff