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Letter: Slain woman was working for a not-for-profit agency

Slain woman was working for a not-for-profit agency

While the 2009 death of Renee Greco was a tragic loss of a promising young life, the letter “State can protect workers by enacting Renee’s Law,” published April 28, contains several erroneous assertions that require correction.

The deceased was not working in a facility run or operated by New York State. Instead, Greco was working in a now-closed boarding home that was run by a not-for-profit agency. As the regulatory oversight agency, after the death, the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) conducted an investigation, which resulted in corrective action being proposed by the provider. The implementation of that plan has been closely overseen by the OCFS.

The letter further states that an investigation resulted in the removal of the head of the OCFS. This is simply not true and no such removal ever happened.

The OCFS conducted a thorough, in-depth investigation of the events that led up to Greco’s death and directed that the agency boarding home be closed. The home remains closed and the OCFS continues to monitor this situation and take aggressive action to prevent similar situations from ever occurring again.

Sheila J. Poole

Acting Commissioner, OCFS