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Letter: Members of cultural boards have a difficult, thankless job

Members of cultural boards have a difficult, thankless job

I would like to respond to Colin Dabkowski’s harsh criticism of the CEPA Gallery board of directors. Serving on the board of a small cultural organization in Buffalo is a volunteer, unpaid service. And most of the small cultural organizations in Buffalo are understaffed and underfunded, which makes the job of the volunteer board of directors extremely difficult.

The meetings are in the evening or on weekends; after work or during family time. A board member is also expected to attend all events of the organization, help with fundraising and contribute personal funds.

The members of small cultural boards in Buffalo are my personal heroes. They serve because they care about that art organization: theater, music, visual arts. It is a community service, and it is a sacrifice. When the critic accuses the CEPA board of secrecy and apathy, he is unnecessarily critical of volunteer citizens who are just trying to do the right thing. It is absolutely counterproductive to attracting new volunteers for the small arts organizations he purports to care about.

Barbara Baird