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Letter: Trump has a great chance of winning New York State

Trump has a great chance of winning New York State

I disagree with the letter writer who implied that Donald Trump will not win New York in November. Everybody realizes the ratio of Democrats versus Republicans is overwhelmingly in favor of Democrats on primary day. However, in the November general election, what about conservative, independent, right-to-life, write-in, absentee and crossover voters, and no Bernie Sanders?

In addition, voters won’t forget Hillary Clinton played the voters like a fiddle when the economy was depressed, promising over 200,000 jobs for New York. She failed miserably. Also, Clinton became senator only due to Rudy Giuliani’s illness. She faced a punching bag in Rick Lazio.

Looking ahead, Trump is New York bred and raised. Unlike Clinton, who had her chance, Trump will deliver with jobs and is free of special interest groups that fuel Clinton to make promises she cannot keep.

Tony Hammill