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Letter: Chestnut Park rangers should cut us some slack

Chestnut Park rangers should cut us some slack

My husband and I have regularly walked with our dogs at Chestnut Ridge Park for years. The park provides room for dogs to exercise at the level they require. When parked at a shelter or walking where we have no one in sight, I fully admit that we let the dogs off of their leashes. They are well-behaved and listen to our orders immediately. We don’t expect others to know that and they are back on their leashes the moment anyone is seen. We have never had an incident.

By the way, I also come equipped with bags to clean up after my dogs. Yet the park rangers have even stopped us with leashed dogs to let us know that they are watching us. Finally they’ve succeeded in making us feel unwelcome, stopping on the entrance ramp and yelling at us some 200 feet below as we returned to our vehicle last week. I would think that the rangers should be grateful for two more sets of eyes in the park to protect against the recurring vandalism.

Also, where are they when motorists drive through the park at 40-plus mph, endangering everyone’s lives? (Another reason our dogs are leashed near a road.)

Rangers, give us a break and do some real work that we’re paying you to do.

Susan Golombek