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Lacey Buscaglia-Fix: It feels great to stick to my resolution

Do you remember your New Year’s resolution? My goal this year – well, every year – was to get healthier by eating right and starting to move.

My knees were beginning to ache after running up and down the stairs at work (I teach on the third floor at two schools). And then there’s that feeling when you race up three flights of stairs to your first morning class or meeting and can’t even speak for five minutes because you can’t breathe fast enough to catch your breath.

This year, I had an extra incentive – a “Biggest Loser” contest at work. I thought to myself: Great! More reason to get in gear.

So with fervent determination and renewed willpower, I decided to find a nice place where I could swim. I know that I’m not going to stick to something I don’t like, and I love to swim.

My gym has a lot of windows. Large, extra tall windows surround the pool. While doing my laps this winter, I could look in one direction and watch the snow falling, or look another way to see the huge open gym where everyone was exercising. The design makes the gym a bright and cheery place.

I’ve noticed lots of differences in the way people carry themselves, both around the pool and on the other side of those picture windows. It’s like a parade of peacocks at times.

Men are usually quite comfortable with themselves, no matter the size. I had to smile as I watched a very rotund older gentleman shower before he entered the pool. He lovingly caressed his “prosperous” midsection and seemed pleased as punch to do so.

Then there are the females of the same species, who scurry into the pool like a quick little mouse so no one can catch a glimpse of the tiny bit of cellulite that might be hiding here or there.

Women are generally quite mannerly with pool etiquette. I usually apologize for my granny- style shower cap, and explain regretfully that the chlorine turns my hair green, so it’s a must. I try not to get my face or hair wet at all and have come to appreciate the graceful swimmers who follow proper form.

A few times I’ve had the lazy guy doing the crawl next to me – splash, splash, splash. He lets his arm slap down on the water with such oblivious abandon that he’s making my mascara run. He doesn’t even know he’s doing it, so I can’t really get mad. Men!

I like to watch the people doing their stretches adjacent to the pool area, on the other side of those floor-to-ceiling windows. The younger ones, who like their looks, take care with proper form in front of the mirrors, while the less pleased ones choose to stretch in the area with no mirrors.

I joined the gym at the beginning of the year. My, it was a busy place then. People were walking by one after another, on a tour, being shown the luxury amenities – spin class here, Zumba there, a machine to twist and tone every part. I recognized a few people from work and was glad I might have a friend or two to run into and chat with. Too bad I don’t see them anymore, but I still keep an eye out.

It’s now May and I’m feeling better and doing great. For once in my 50 years, I’ve been sticking to my New Year’s resolution. Why not come and join me? There’s still time until swimsuit weather arrives. And if nothing else, it’s fun to watch the human parade.