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Distraught man accused in shooting after brother’s suicide on Buffalo’s East Side

The brother of a man who committed suicide was charged Sunday night with trying to kill his brother’s neighbor for failing to react after the self-inflicted gunshot rang out in the rear apartment of an East Side residence, authorities said Monday.

Darryl Rollins, 25, confronted one of the residents in the front apartment at 69 Krupp St. and ended up shooting the man several times in the chest, police said. Quick action by doctors at Erie County Medical Center saved the neighbor’s life, preventing even more tragedy.

Rollins had fled after the shooting but later surrendered at the urging of a relative.

Homicide detectives charged Rollins with first-degree assault and second-degree attempted murder for allegedly shooting 47-year-old Miguel Richardson.

Rollins’ brother had been dead for a number of hours, police said, and it is unlikely that residents of the front apartment heard the gunshot.

Rollins had shown up at his brother’s apartment shortly after 10:15 a.m. Sunday, police said, and when his brother failed to answer the door, he kicked it down.

Stepping inside, Rollins found that his brother had taken his own life. A handgun was lying on the floor next to where the deceased was seated.

A question ran through Rollins’ mind: Why hadn’t someone done something after hearing the gunshot?

In an agitated state, Rollins went to the front apartment looking for answers.

“He flipped out. He was furious,” a police source said. “He started arguing with the guy asking why they didn’t respond to the gunshot. ‘They should have heard something.’ Then he shot him multiple times in the chest.

“It’s only because of the doctors at ECMC that the shooting victim is expected to live.”

Capt. Joseph A. Gramaglia of the Homicide Bureau said that at some point after the shooting, Rollins went to the home of a relative and explained what had happened.

“The relative convinced him to turn himself in, which he did,” Gramaglia said.

Richardson was listed in serious condition Monday.

Detectives Reginald Minor and Tony Borrelli had conducted the investigation into the suicide and shooting

The two-story white house with black trim on Krupp is near the intersection of Ashley Street. Friends and neighbors stood behind crime scene tape Sunday as word spread of the death and near-fatal shooting, with some of those assembled weeping.