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Where we live: Lackawanna


Lawmakers looking to prevent merchants from operating illegally want to modify a city ordinance regulating new business registration.

“I don’t want people running around and opening businesses we don’t know about, and not be subject to some kind of consequence,” said Third Ward Councilman Joseph Jerge Wednesday night during a City Council caucus. “Part of the problem was there is no venom to our bite.” Jerge said.

The problem is the language of the ordinance, responded Fred Heinle, director of development. “The ordinance does not allow us to impose fines before it enters the court system, and generally by the time it gets to court, business owners have complied and the case is dismissed,” Heinle said. “The city counsel and I are working on taking this ordinance outside the court to allow us to use the ticketing system,” Heinle added.

The council unanimously voted to review the proposed ordinance.

In other business

• Fourth Ward Councilman Jeff DePasquale said he wants to modify the municipal code regarding the parking of campers and recreational vehicles on private property. Residents should be able to park registered, inspected RVs in their driveways in season,” said DePasquale. “Obviously people can’t sleep in them. They’re not meant to be a frat house by any means.” The measure was unanimously approved.

• Lawmakers unanimously approved a request by city clerk Jacqueline Caferro for an ordinance to pay Barclay & Damon $60 for the cost of compact discs to copy the box of files amassed during the recent investigation of sick and vacation benefit payments made to Police Chief James Michel.