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Letter: Trump’s personality should be a red flag

Trump’s personality should be a red flag

Donald Trump has been admonished to turn around and act more like a presidential nominee. Isn’t that like advising a child on how to behave? Don’t we want an adult running for president? The White House is not a training program for an adolescent.

I met a fellow who twice caddied for Trump at Westchester Country Club 20 years ago, and he said Trump was exactly like he is on TV: negative attitude, pouting demeanor, spoiled brat, blaming others, acting like a 12-year-old.

If you want “negative,” let’s be negative about Trump. “Dump Trump” is the best statement I’ve heard. I’m all for it.

He has been urged to be more president-like. If he does that, it will only be an act. Basically, his personality is just like he has shown himself to be on TV.

Betty Heimiller