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Letter: Show some empathy for LGBT community

Show some empathy for LGBT community

The logic of the letter writer who said, “you cannot change your gender; no amount of surgery or hormones will alter the sex you were born with,” would suggest to most educated and enlightened people that Galileo was wrong; the sun really does revolve around the earth.

I’m as straight as they come, but not narrow-minded enough to disbelieve that there are people who, from their birth, feel that their assigned gender doesn’t fit who they are. Gender reassignment surgery and hormonal therapy have been going on for many years.

Transgendered people don’t choose to be the opposite sex. They are who they are because a genetic switch from conception has been either turned on (or off) during that androgynous period in utero when we possess both male and female genitalia.

LGBT people are not “bullies,” as the writer claims. They are the “victims” of bullying from ignorant people like the writer who refuse to see the love, personality and talents they possess, but would rather judge their hairstyle, mode of dress, manner of speech or mannerisms that outwardly identify some lesbian and gay individuals.

Bisexuals live mostly quiet lives among the straight community because they don’t fully fit into either category. They, too, need love, acceptance and understanding.

Then there are the transsexuals, who are not perverts, child molesters or part of some deviant culture. Too many clerics have more than disproved that theory, as have a former speaker of the House and a famous football coach. That list is endless.

Members of the LGBT community go to school, they work, they vote. They’re no different than the rest of us except they get ostracized, beaten (some to death), harassed, discriminated against and have a higher rate of suicide compared with the general population.

People like the letter writer need to get with the 21st century. Get educated and grow some empathy.

Deborah L. Chambers