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Defamation suit against Paladino, Caputo will go to trial

A defamation lawsuit that a Libertarian candidate for governor brought against Carl Paladino and Michael Caputo will be allowed to go to trial in New York City.

At the center of the suit is a mailer designed as a “sexual predator alert” that described 2010 Libertarian Party candidate Warren Redlich as “a sick twisted pervert” who “defends sex with children,” according to the Albany Times-Union.

Redlich is suing Paladino, Caputo and GOP strategist Roger Stone. A judge ruled last month the suit could go to trial, the Times-Union reports.

Paladino and Caputo told the Times-Union there is no evidence that connects them to the mailer. Caputo questioned why Paladino’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign would have cared enough about Redlich to take such action, while Paladino said he was unaware of the mailer, which urges readers to “Beware of Warren Redlich” and his “sick alternative lifestyle.”

The mailer refers to a 2008 blog post by Redlich following the release of photos of Miley Cyrus. In it, Redlich questions “the hubbub” about “racy” photos of Cyrus and laments “how Puritanism is still so prevalent in America.”

Paladino was the Republican nominee for governor in the 2010 race, and Caputo was his campaign manager. The pair have been working in support of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Stone and the Trump campaign split last August.

In a recent profile in The Buffalo News, Stone is acknowledged as a mentor and close friend to Caputo.

Stone told the Times-Union in 2010 he urged the producers of the mailer, listed as People for a Safer New York, to put the material out and defended the mailer’s message.

State Supreme Court Justice Richard Braun made the ruling allowed the suit to proceed on April 21, according to The Altamont Enterprise. The next court appearance is scheduled for September.